Associate Professor, University College London

Dr Noémie Bouhana is Associate Professor in Security and Crime Science at University College London, where she convenes the Counter-Terrorism Research Group. Her research interests centre on the systemic and ecological processes involved in the emergence of radicalising settings, the role that these settings play in the individual development of a terrorist propensity, as well as the mechanisms which underpin individual susceptibility to moral change. Most recently, Dr Bouhana directed the €2.9M EU FP7 PRIME project, an international consortium of six European universities conducting multidisciplinary research in the prevention and mitigation of lone actor radicalisation and attack behaviour. At present, she is Principal Investigator of the $1M project "The Social Ecology of Radicalisation", funded by the US DoD Minerva Initiative. Previous research has been supported by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, the Office of Security and Counter-Terrorism, MOD Counter-Terrorism Science and Technology Centre, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and the US National Institute of Justice, among others.

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