Professor of Security Studies, King's College London

Peter Neumann (Co-Investigator) is Professor of Security Studies at the Department of War Studies, King’s College, and founded the ICSR in 2008. In 2017, he served as the OSCE Chairman’s Special Representative on Countering Violent Radicalisation.

Peter has led research projects and written influential policy reports about the crime-terror nexus, online radicalisation, foreign fighter networks, terrorist defectors, prison-based de-radicalisation programs, and terrorist recruitment in Europe.

Personal webpage

Recent Publications

  • The Trouble with Radicalisation, International Affairs, 89(4) (2013), pp. 873-93.
  • Old and New Terrorism: Late Modernity, Globalization, and the Transformation of Political Violence (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2009).
  • Prisons and Terrorism: Radicalisation and De-radicalisation in 15 Countries’ (ICSR, 2010)
  • The Strategy of Terrorism (London: Routledge, 2008) (with M.L.R. Smith).
  • Negotiating with Terrorists’ in Leonard Weinberg (ed.), Democratic Responses to Terrorism (London: Routledge, 2008), pp. 91-101.

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