PhD Student, Lancaster University

Rosie completed both her undergraduate degree in Politics and International Relations, and her MA in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies at Lancaster University. During her studies, she has undertaken various research internships as part of the Richardson Institute, working with organisations including Radicalisation Research, Moonshot and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue.

Rosie’s research explores the variety of ways in which women can participate in and engage with extremism, analysing the types of support roles women perform and the impact of these roles in enabling violent extremism to be enacted by other actors within the group. Her research interests include gender stereotyping in the global context of political violence, the gendering of extremism, motivations for engagement in extremism, internal structures of extremist organisations and the impact of culture.  

She is supervised by Professor Kim Knott and Dr Sarah Marsden (Lancaster).

Project information

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Rosie Mutton is part of the Ideas, Beliefs And Values In Social Context programme. Read more about this project here.

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