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Dr Salem Chakhar joined the Portsmouth Business School in August 2013 as a Research Fellow in the Operations & Systems Management subject group. He has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Paris-Dauphine (Paris, France), an MPhil degree in Computer Science and Modelling from the High School of Management of Tunis (Tunis, Tunisia), and a degree in Computer Science from the Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Sfax (Sfax, Tunisia).

Before joining the Portsmouth Business School, Chakhar worked at the Centre for Research in Regional Planning and Development, University Laval (Québec, QC, Canada), the University of Paris-Dauphine (Paris, France), the High School of Economic and Commercial Sciences (University of Tunis, Tunisia), the Institute of Higher Commercial Studies (University of Carthage, Tunisia), and Regional Institute in Computer Sciences and Telecommunications (Tunis, Tunisia). Salem Chakhar also worked as an analyst and developer in computer science with IF and COFAT companies (Tunis, Tunisia).

His present research interests include multicriteria analysis, group decision making, decision support systems, geographical information science and systems, spatial modelling and analysis, database and information systems, web services, rough sets theory, fuzzy theory and applications, and knowledge management. Chakhar supervised 3 MSc and he is currently supervising 3 PhD and 2 MSc.

Personal webpage

Recent Publications

  • Q. Hu, S. Chakhar, Ashraf Labib, Sajid Siraj (2016) Spare parts classification in industrial manufacturing using the dominance-based rough set approach. European Journal of Operational Research. (accepted, 2017)
  • S. Jandoubi, A. Bahri, N. Yacoubi-Ayadi, S. Chakhar, A. Labib (2016) Modelling, representation and implementation of imperfect information for an enhanced exploration of large databases. Journal of Decision Systems. 1-18.
  • S. Chakhar, A. Ishizaka, A. Labib, I. Saad (2016) Dominance-based rough set approach for group decisions. European Journal of Operational Research, 251(1), 206–224.
  • J. Cox, T. Nguyen, A. Thorpe, A. Ishizaka, S. Chakhar, Liz Meech (2016) A decision rule approach for analysing the attractiveness of crowdfunding projects. The OR58 Annual Conference, September 6–8, Portsmouth, UK.pp. 1–20
  • F.E. Gmati, N. Yacoubi Ayadi, A. Bahri, S. Chakhar, A. Ishizaka (2016) PMRF: Parameterized matching-ranking framework. In: Software Engineering Research, Management and Applications, Lee, R. (ed.). Studies in Computational Intelligence Series. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, pp. 181-198.
  • C. Legay, G. Cloutier, S. Chakhar, F. Joerin, M.J. Rodriguez (2015) Estimation of urban water supply issues at the local scale: a participatory approach. Climatic Change, 130 (4), 491–503.
  • C. Mercat-Rommens, S. Chakhar, E. Chojnacki, V. Mousseau (2015) Coupling GIS and multi-criteria modeling to support post-accident nuclear risk evaluation. Evaluation and decision models with multiple criteria: case studies. Springer, Berlin, 401–428.
  • S. Chakhar, A. Ishizaka, A. Labib (2015) Semantic matching-based selection and QoS-aware classification of Web services. In: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference, WEBIST 2014, Barcelona, Spain, 3-5 April, 2014, Revised Selected Papers. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, vol 226, Springer, 96–112.
  • S. Chakhar, S. Haddad, L. Mokdad, V. Mousseau, S. Youcef (2015) Multicriteria evaluation-based framework for composite Web service selection. Evaluation and decision models with multiple criteria: case studies. Springer, Berlin, 167–200.
  • S. Jandoubi, A. Bahri, N. Yacoubi Ayadi, S. Chakhar, A. Labib (2015) Enhanced fuzzy object-relational database model for efficient implementation of the fuzzy semantic model. In: The 2015 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE 2015), Istanbul, Turkey, August 2-5, 2015. IEEE
  • S. Chakhar, I. Saad (2014) Incorporating stakeholders’ knowledge in group decision-making. Journal of Decision Systems, 23 (1), 113–126.
  • S. Chakhar, C. Pusceddu, Decision tables aggregation in rough sets approximation. In: Proceedings of Uncertain Reasoning (UR), Special Track at the 26th International FLAIRS Conference, Pete Beach, Florida, USA, 22-24 May, 633–636, 2013.


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