PhD Student, Lancaster University

Prior to commencing her PhD, Samantha worked as a Probation Officer for twelve years, supporting desistence in violent offenders, including those with extremist values. She holds an MA (Hons) in Conflict, Development and Security, awarded by Lancaster University. She has previously completed research for the Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide, and internships with the Richardson Institute at Lancaster University.

Samantha’s current research is seeking to improve understanding and conceptualisation of the inter-relationships between Lone Actor Terrorists and extremist networks. Her research interests include countering violent extremism and improving risk recognition, the threat from the Far Right, vulnerabilities to extremism, and public policy. She is currently preparing a paper which explores the potential utility of the concept of Cumulative Extremism, following a case study of National Action.

She is supervised by Dr Sarah Marsden and Dr Benjamin Lee, with subject specific input from Professor Kim Knott.

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