Senior Researcher, Umeå University, Sweden

Samuel Merrill is an interdisciplinary researcher at Umeå University’s Department of Sociology and Digital Social Research Centre who is currently specializing in digital and cultural sociology. Two of his present research areas concern social movements’ use of digital media for collective remembrance purposes and the commemoration of terror attacks with digital media.

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  • Merrill, S., and Pries, J., 2019, From #KämpaShowan to #KämpaMalmö: Framing antifascist struggles from the local to the translocal and back again, Antipode, 51(1), 248-270.
  • Merrill, S., and Lindgren, S., 2018, The rhythms of social movement memories: the mobilisation of Silvio Meier’s activist remembrance across platforms, Social Movement Studies, Online First.
  • Merrill, S., and Åkerlund, M., 2018, Standing up for Sweden? The racist discourses, architectures and affordances of an anti-immigration Facebook group, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 23(6), 332-353.
  • Merrill, S., 2018, The Dead Are Coming: Political Performance Art, Activist Remembrance and Dig(ital) Protests, in Breed, A., and Prentki, T., (eds.), Performance and Civic Engagement, Palgrave Macmillan, 159-186.
  • Merrill, S., 2017b, Walking Together? The mediatised performative commemoration of 7/7’s tenth anniversary, Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism, Online-First.

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