Senior Lecturer in Radicalisation and Protest in a Digital Age, Lancaster University

Dr Sarah Marsden is Lecturer in Radicalisation and Protest in a Digital Age at Lancaster University, prior to which she was a Lecturer in Terrorism Studies at the University of St Andrews. Sarah has a PhD in International Relations from the University of St Andrews, a Masters in Forensic Psychology, and holds a BA (Hons) in Philosophy and Literature from the University of Liverpool. Her research takes an interdisciplinary approach to questions of collective violence and contentious politics focusing on global jihadism, religious nationalism, and radical social movements. Much of her recent work has concentrated on understanding efforts to reintegrate those with a history of involvement in militancy.

Sarah Marsden's university profile can be found here.

Recent publications:
Reintegrating Extremists: ‘Deradicalisation’ and Desistance (Palgrave, 2017).
A Social Movement Theory Typology of Militant Organisations: Contextualising Terrorism. Terrorism and Political Violence, 28(2016): 750-773.
Leaderless Global Jihadism: The Paradox of Discriminate Violence. Journal of Strategic Studies, 38 (2015): 579-601. With G. Ramsay.
Conceptualising ‘Success’ with those Convicted of Terrorism Offences: Aims, Methods and Barriers to Reintegration. Behavioral Studies of Terrorism and Political Aggression 7 (2015): 143-165.

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