Senior Lecturer, CSTPV

Sarah Marsden is a Senior Lecturer at the Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV) at the University of St Andrews, prior to which she was a Senior Lecturer at Lancaster University.

Her research takes an interdisciplinary approach to radical and violent politics focusing on global jihadism, religious nationalism, and radical social movements.

Much of Sarah’s recent research has focused on understanding the process and outcome of interventions to counter violent extremism, including in the context of deradicalisation and disengagement programmes.

Sarah’s research has been funded by ESRC, Home Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Public Safety Canada, and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Select publications

  • Marsden, S. V. (2020). Examining Terrorism’s Persistence: A Relational Approach. Contemporary Voices in International Relations. Special Issue.
  • Marsden, S. V. (2020). Radicalisation: Policy, Research and Trajectories. International Journal of Conflict and Violence.Special issue.
  • Marsden, S. V. (2018). The Effectiveness of Terrorism. In The Routledge Handbook on Terrorism and Counterterrorism, edited by Andrew Silke. Routledge.
  • Marsden, S. V. (2017). Reintegrating Extremists: ‘Deradicalisation’ and Desistance. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Marsden, S. V. (2017). Negotiating difference: Extremism, critical thinking and an ethics of care. In Education and Extremisms: Rethinking Liberal Pedagogies in the Contemporary World, edited by F. Panjawi et al., Routledge.
  • Marsden, S. V. (2016). A Social Movement Theory Typology of Militant Organisations: Contextualising Terrorism. Terrorism and Political Violence, 28, 750-773.
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