Lecturer in International Relations, Lancaster University

Dr Simon Mabon is Lecturer in International Relations at Lancaster University and Director of the Richardson Institute. Simon holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of Leeds.

His research focuses upon contested sovereignty in the Middle East with a particular focus upon the role of religion and the onset of political violence.

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Recent publications

Garnett, M.A., Mabon, S.P., Smith, R. 7/08/2017 British Foreign Policy Since 1945 London : Routledge. 358 p. ISBN: 9781138821293.

Mabon, S.P. 08/2017 Sovereignty, bare life and the Arab Uprisings In: Third World Quarterly. 38, 8, p. 1782-1799. 18 p.

Mabon, S.P. 11/07/2017 Muting the trumpets of sabotage: Saudi Arabia, the US and the quest to securitize Iran In: British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies. 18 p.

Mabon, S.P. 05/2017 The Circle of Bare Life: Hizballah, Muqawamah and Rejecting ? Being Thus? In: Politics, Religion and Ideology. 18, 1, p. 1-22. 22 p.

Mabon, S.P., Royle, S. 30/11/2016 The origins of ISIS: the collapse of nations and revolutions in the Middle East London: I. B. Tauris. 256 p. ISBN: 9781784536961.

Mabon, S.P. 9/11/2016 Nationalist Jahiliyyah and the Flag of the Two Crusaders, or: ISIS, Sovereignty, and the Owl of Minerva In: Studies in Conflict and Terrorism.

Kasbarian, S., Mabon, S.P. 8/11/2016 Contested spaces and sectarian narratives in post: uprising Bahrain In: Global Discourse. 6, 4, p. 677-696. 20 p.

Mabon, S.P., Ardovini, L. 8/11/2016 People, sects and states: interrogating sectarianism in the contemporary Middle East In: Global Discourse. 6, 4, p. 551-560. 10 p.

Garnett, M.A., Mabon, S.P. 9/09/2016 Think Tanks and Foreign Policy in the United Kingdom In: Think Tanks, Foreign Policy and Geopolitics. London : Routledge


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