Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter

Dr Baele is Senior Lecturer at Exeter’s Politics Department; his research focuses on the linguistic and visual drivers of political violence from a multidisciplinary (psychology, sociology, etc.) and multi-methods (discourse analysis, semantic network analysis, etc.) perspective. He has published widely in top IR/security journals on cases such as Hutu extremist radio, Incel forums, Breivik, or radical pro-Israeli/Palestinian blogs, teaches on extremist communications, and regularly engages on these issues with UK government practitioners. In 2016-2017 he was the PI for a CREST-funded project on ISIS communications (deliverables include ISIS Propaganda: A Full-Spectrum Extremist Message, OUP 2019).

Personal webpage

Recent publications

Baele S., Sterck O. (2015) “Diagnosing the Securitisation of Immigration at the EU Level: A New Method for Stronger Empirical Claims”, Political Studies 63(5), 1120-1139.
Baele S., Balzacq T. (2015) “The Third Debate and Postpositivism”, in Denemark R. (ed.) The International Studies Encyclopedia, Blackwell.
Baele S. (2014) “Are terrorists insane? A critical analysis of mental health categories in lone terrorists' trials”, Critical Studies on Terrorism 7(2), 257-276
Baele S., Sterck O., Meur E. (2014) “Theorizing and Measuring Emotions in Conflict: The Case of the 2011 Palestinian Statehood Bid”, Journal of Conflict Resolution, early view.
Baele S. (2013) “The ethics of New Development Economics: is the Experimental Approach to Development Economics morally wrong?”, Journal of Philosophical Economics 7(1).
Baele S. (2011) « Le conflit israélo-palestinien comme problème psychologique », Etudes Internationales 42(2), 207-224.

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