Travis Coan

Lecturer in Quantitative Political Science, University of Exeter

Dr. Travis Coan (Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University, 2011) is a Lecturer in Quantitative Political Science and an academic staff member at the University of Exeter’s Q-Step Centre. Before joining the Politics Department at Exeter, Travis was a Statistician and Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School, where he directed the Empirical Research Services group and taught applied quantitative analysis. While Travis’ research spans a diverse set of topics in political science, his most recent work applies advances in text-mining and natural language processing to examine the relationship between climate change scepticism, public opinion, and environmental policy. Travis’ methodological interests include the study of causal inference with experimental and observational data, text analysis, and Bayesian statistics. His work has appeared in International Studies Quarterly, International Interactions, and Political Psychology, among others.

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Recent publications

Constantine Boussalis and Travis G. Coan. 2016. \Text-mining the signals of climate change doubt.” Global Environmental Change 36(2016): 89-100.
Mark Abdollahian, Zining Yang, Travis G. Coan, and Birol Yesilada. 2014. \Human Development Dynamics: an Agent Based Simulation of Macro Social Systems and Individual Heterogeneous Evolutionary Games.” Forthcoming in Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling.
I. Glenn Cohen and Travis G. Coan. 2013 \Can You Buy Sperm Donor Identi_cation? An Experiment.” Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 10(4):716-741.
Mark Abdollahian, Travis G. Coan, Hana Oh, and Birol Yesilada. 2012. \Dynamics of Cultural Change: the Human Development Perspective.” International Studies Quarterly: 1-17.
Travis G. Coan and Tadeusz Kugler. 2012. \Foreign Direct Investment Is Local: Indian Provincial Politics and the Attraction of FDI.” South Asia Economic Journal, 13: 27-50.

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