CREST funds research projects through its five core programmes and through its commissioning calls. This research is disseminated through papers and resources throughout this website. Read more about each project using the links below.

Core programmes

CREST’s work is structured by five programmes of activity. At the core of these programmes are researchers in criminology, computer science, international relations, law, management, politics and religion, and psychology at six UK universities (Lancaster, Bath, Birmingham, Cranfield, Portsmouth and the West of England [UWE]). Each of these institutions houses large, established communities and infrastructure for conducting social science research into security threats.

The five programmes are:

Doctoral research

To complement the research within each programme, CREST fosters an active community of doctoral researchers. These studentships are defined by three principles, they: (1) undertake longer-term, high quality research that are more associated with a sense of ‘unknown’; (2) focus on topics and issues at the intersection of two or more programme areas; and, (3) are constructed to give the best possible start to an academic career. Our focus on topics at the intersection of programme areas reflects CREST’s interdisciplinary focus and our belief that the greatest opportunities for novel contributions lie at the boundaries of existing literatures.

Commissioned projects

As part of its activities, CREST identifies and funds innovative and forward-looking economic, behavioural and social science research that contributes to our understanding of contemporary security threats. These commissioned projects run for a maximum of twelve months. They become part of CREST’s larger research programme, benefiting from resources for translating and communicating evidence for impact, and opportunities for sustained interaction with stakeholders.

The projects below were commissioned in our Home Office call and commence in 2020.

The projects below were commissioned in our third call and commence in 2019.

The projects below were commissioned in our second call and commenced in 2017.

The projects below were commissioned in our first call and commenced in 2016.