Constraining Violence

How do individual, social, and subcultural factors constrain the potential for extremist violence?

To further our understanding of when and why violence fails to emerge from extremist contexts, this project examines individual and social level protective factors and subcultural constraints.

The research focuses on the far-right, drawing comparative insights across ideological contexts where appropriate, to develop a holistic understanding of what shapes and constrains the potential for violence.  

Through original research, knowledge synthesis, and ongoing stakeholder engagement, this project aims to:

  • Develop conceptual and theoretical insights into the nature of protective factors and subcultural constraints and how they operate to limit the potential for violence.
  • Pursue empirical research into extremist subcultures to understand how values, norms and beliefs shape attitudes towards violence.
  • Identify the implications for risk assessment and interventions seeking to divert people away from violent extremism.

Project resources

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