Evaluating Countering Violent Extremism

Does Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) work?

Despite the growing profile of efforts to prevent and counter violent extremism (CVE), there is much to learn about its effectiveness. Through a narrative synthesis of the literature on CVE programmes delivered in the UK and internationally, this project seeks to understand what we know about how to prevent people becoming involved in violent extremism.

By mapping the challenges and opportunities facing CVE initiatives, the project examines the following questions:

  • How is CVE conceptualised?
  • Who are CVE interventions targeted at?
  • What methods are used in CVE?
  • Who delivers CVE interventions?
  • What measures of success are used in evaluating the outcome of CVE initiatives?
  • How effective are CVE programmes?

This project was funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Any views expressed are those of the researchers and do not necessarily reflect the UK Government’s official policies.

Principal Investigator

Professor Kim Knott


Lancaster University, UK



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