Community Reporting Thresholds: Executive Summary

community reporting thresholds executive summary

This is the executive summary on Community Reporting Thresholds, produced by CREST. It looks at the reporting of potential violent extremism and terrorism, focusing on identifying triggers, thresholds and barriers which may stop someone from reporting.

The first people to suspect or know about someone becoming involved in planning acts of violent extremism will often be those closest to them: their friends, family and community insiders. However, despite these ‘intimates’ having a vital role to play against potential terrorist threats, very little is known about the views and experiences of those who would potentially report their valuable information.

This Community Reporting Thresholds research project, built on an initial Australian study, has developed a new, localised and contextually-sensitive understanding and approach to community reporting issues in the UK context.

Key findings are that community members are primarily motivated by care and concern for their intimate in considering reporting. The gravity of reporting to the police means that most community respondents would only report after a staged process, whereby they first attempt to dissuade the intimate, and also take counsel and guidance from family members, friends and trusted ‘community leaders’.

Community respondents want to report to local police, not CT specialists, and to do so by face to face means. They also want support and updates after reporting through a feedback loop. Some respondents are unsure how to report, a perspective echoed by professional practitioners who see national reporting mechanisms as confusing and made more difficult by the public image of Prevent. These findings have enabled identification in the Final Report and the Executive Summary of clear strategic directions for future policy and practice consideration.

This executive summary gives the key findings and conclusions of the research, for both community respondents and professional practitioners. It also includes future considerations for policy and practice. For a more detailed look at the study read the full report here.

Community Reporting Thresholds: Executive SummaryThe Executive Summary can be downloaded for free here 17-019-01.pdf.

The full report can be found here.

This report is by CREST researchers Professor Paul Thomas, Professor Michele Grossman, Dr Shamim Miah and Kris Christmann.

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