This CREST guide looks at the Counter Jihad Movement – a loose network of groups and individuals who believe that the West and Islam are at war.

The Counter Jihad Movement is not a monolith; it is a container for a range of views critical of, or hostile to, Islam and Muslims

Key points

The Counter Jihad Movement is a loose international network based on a shared set of beliefs which influences other organisations.

The movement is based on the belief that Islam and the West are at war.

The movement is not a monolith and includes a variety of opinions.

The movement is not a direct source of violence although it was widely seen as the inspiration for the 2011 Breivik attacks in Norway.

Narratives are also open to being appropriated by other elements in the extreme right space.

The movement contributes to broader cumulative extremism by reinforcing Islamist extremist narratives that see the West and Islam as at war