CREST Primer: The counter jihad movement

crest primer the counter jihad movement
This CREST Primer is a guide to the Counter Jihad Movement – a loose network of groups and individuals who believe that the West and Islam are at war.

The Counter Jihad Movement is a loose international network with a shared ideology that sees ‘Islam’ and ‘the West’ as being at war. This ideology is spread and curated by a core of activists, mostly online. A number of international organisations have attempted to co-ordinate activities between groups although the movement remains diffuse. Ideas filter down from core activists to country specific groups more likely to take action. This includes influencing some elements of political parties such as the Dutch PVV, Belgian Vlaams Belang, Swedish Democrats and LibertyGB. Most visible however are street movements such as the English (and related) Defence League(s) as well as more recently the Pegida movement.
The Counter Jihad Movement believes:

  • In a homogenous, literalist and totalitarian Islam that is at war with the West.
  • In a culturally unified West with a shared Judeo-Christian morality and liberal values.
  • That Muslim immigration is a conscious attempt to impose Sharia law in the West: Islamisation.
  • That Western leaders are too weak to counter Islamic aggression, or even are complicit with it.

Based on work by CREST researcher Dr Benjamin Lee, this guide gives an overview on the counter jihad ideology, the security implications and civic resistance, as well as the relationships between the different counter jihad groups.

You can download the guide here 16-008-01.pdf.
The guide will take ten minutes to read.

As part of CREST’s commitment to open access research this guide is available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence. For more details on how you can use our content see here.