Our updated CREST catalogue helps make it easier to find guides, reports and journals that relate to the same topic.

Catalogue Cover Design Mar 2019

This is the third issue of the CREST catalogue and includes all our guides, reports and open-access journal articles. The catalogue indexes CREST’s outputs under three different themes:

  • Understanding Who & Why.
  • Better Intelligence Gathering & Decisions.
  • Protecting Ourselves.

You can download the catalogue here: CREST Catalogue


Understanding Who & Why

This theme focuses on research on understanding actors, their beliefs, values and motivations and how they communicate their ideas to internal and external audiences.
Understanding Who and Why
Projects in this theme include:


Better Intelligence Gathering & Decisions

This theme includes research on how to gather better information from groups and individuals as well as how terror groups make decisions, and how security and emergency services anticipate and improve responses to critical incidents.
Better Intelligence Gathering and Decisions
Projects in this theme include:


Protecting Ourselves

This theme includes research on how security professionals can communicate better with employees about how to protect organisations as well as understanding and mitigating the risk of large-scale change leading to counter-productive behaviour in employees.

Projects in this theme include:

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Catalogue Cover Design Mar 2019

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