CREST Digest (Issue 1) : JAN 17

CREST digest ISSUE 1

In our first issue of the CREST Digest we look at why popular lie detection technique comes under scrutiny and whether you can tell if someone is pretending not to recognise a face

CREST is committed to disseminating the best research on security threats, in formats that help practitioners understand how this research can help them do their jobs. The CREST Digest is a short research scan of published, peer-reviewed academic research, aimed to help provide a round-up of research relevant to understanding and countering security threats.

In our very first issue we look at:

  • Why popular lie detection technique comes under scrutiny
  • The role of trust in deciding which terrorist faction to join
  • Can you tell if someone is pretending not to recognise a face?
  • Complex and ambitious engineering efforts by violent non-state actors
  • Techniques for establishing rapport
  • Social networking and phishing attacks, and a game to avoid phishing
  • Beyond the peer-reviewed literature : Milestones to militancy

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