Animation: Positively influencing individuals during organisational change

This animation is one of a series of CREST resources for managing organisational change to mitigate the development of Counterproductive Workplace Behaviour. Based on work by CREST researchers Professor Rosalind Searle and Dr Charis Rice, this animation presents seven typologies of employees, indicating how they might react to organisational change and how managers can communicate to them to mitigate risks.


How do I use it?

This animation can be used alongside our other resources on Counterproductive Workplace Behaviour, available here.

What should I expect to get out of it?

The animation is an introduction to seven types of employees and how they might react to organisational change. It is useful as a starting point for leaders who are implementing organisational change and should be used as part of a larger impact assessment on organisational change. Leaders are encouraged to adapt our CWB materials for their own particular requirements.

How was it developed?

This animation was developed out of findings from a CREST-funded project, undertaken by Professor Rosalind Searle (University of Glasgow) and Dr Charis Rice (Coventry University) as well as previous research with other colleagues: Professor Antoinette Weibel, St Gallen University (Switzerland), Professor Ann-Marie Nienaber, Coventry University and Professor Deanne Den Hartog, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). It was produced with financial assistance from CREST and a grant for from the ESRC for their Festival of Social Science. The animation was by Becky Stevens and the voiceover and additional production by Dr Matthew Francis (both from CREST).


As well as this animation there are a number of toolkits for managers and staff, available at