Employees: The Front Line in Cyber Security

ashenden - employees the front line in cyber security

What happens if you lose trust in the systems on which you rely? If the displays and dashboards tell you everything is operating normally but, with your own eyes, you can see that this is not the case? This is what apparently happened with the Stuxnet virus attack on the Iranian nuclear programme in 2010.

Dr Debi Ashenden, CREST lead on protective security and risk assessment, writes that with cyber attacks set to rise, it’s important that we empower employees to defend our front line.

(From the journal abstract)

Ashenden, Debi. 2017. ‘Employees: The Front Line in Cyber Security’. The Chemical Engineer, February 2017, 908 edition. https://crestresearch. ac.uk/comment/employees-front-line-cyber-security/.