Liars struggle to provide checkable details

CREST 2-minute guide for interviewers, outlining verifiable details interview technique

A short guide to aid in deception detection

Research by CREST programme lead Professor Aldert Vrij has shown that when people tell lies in interviews they can struggle to provide the same number of checkable details as when they are telling the truth. We have provided a short guide based on this research aimed at interviewers.

The guide only takes two-minutes to read. It sets out how interviewers can gain an impression of whether or not their interviewee’s statements are truthful or not through the quantity of checkable details they contain.

The guide outlines:

  • what to do at the beginning of the interview
  • what kind of details are relevant
  • what things the interviewer should be aware of when using this technique.

Download the guide here: 16-001-01.pdf.
The guide will take 2 minutes to read.

If you are interested in some of the research behind this guide please read the paper here.