Psychological and Behavioral Examinations of Online Terrorism

prentice - psych behav online terrorism

It has long been recognised that terrorists make use of the internet as one of many means through which to further their cause. This use of the internet has fuelled a large number of studies seeking to understand terrorists’ use of online environments.

This chapter provides an overview of current understandings of online terrorist behavior, coupled with an outline of the qualitative and quantitative approaches that can and have been adopted to research this phenomenon. The chapter closes with a discussion of the contentious issue of ethics in online terrorism research.

The aim of the chapter is to equip readers with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct their own research into terrorists’ online behavior, taking best ethical practices into consideration when doing so.

(From the book abstract)

Prentice, Sheryl, and Paul J. Taylor. 2018. ‘Psychological and Behavioral Examinations of Online Terrorism’. In Psychological and Behavioral Examinations in Cyber Security, edited by John McAlaney, 151–71.