Russia and Disinformation: The Case of the Caucasus (Summary)

This CREST Summary brief focuses on why the Caucasus is important, and what the Russian deployment of disinformation in the region tells us.

How does Russian state disinformation operate in the Caucasus region? This CREST brief by Dr Cerwyn Moore summaries the findings from the full report, which can be read here.

Russia and Disinformation: The Case of the Caucasus (Summary) 19-021-01
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The full report on the ‘Case of the Caucasus’ considers three different cases of disinformation deployment in the Caucasus region. The cases highlight the dynamics of Russian state influence, both domestically in the Russian Federation’s North Caucasus region as well as in Georgia, just across the Russian border in the South Caucasus.

This resource is part of a series on disinformation to come out of the Actors and Narratives programme. The other three reports and summaries in the Russia and Disinformation series: ‘The Case of Ukraine’, ‘Maskirovka’, and ‘Institutions and Actors’ can be found at

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The full report can be found here.

All the reports in this series can be found here.

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