Sikh Activism in Britain: Narratives and Issues

Guide Sikh Activism in Britain Narratives and Issues

A guide by Dr Jasjit Singh on the narratives and issues which lead Sikhs in Britain to participate in publicly visible activism.

Sikh activism in Britain fundamentally changed in 1984 following the storming of Harmandir Sahib (often referred to as the Golden Temple) during Operation Bluestar in June 1984 and the violence that took place against Sikhs across India in November 1984 following the assassination of the Indian Prime Minister by her Sikh bodyguards.

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Before this time Sikh activism in Britain mainly focused on campaigning for the right to wear articles of faith in the workplace.

The guide gives an overview of the political, religious and social/cultural narratives which emerged from a series of interviews and a literature review as part of a research project on ‘Sikh radicalisation in Britain’.

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A full report and executive summary on The idea, context, framing and realities of ‘Sikh Radicalisation’ in Britain, which provide further detail and evidence, are available at:

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