This poster presents an overview of the diverse range of resources of translated research generated by CREST.

CREST resources

The translation of research into different formats serves a vital purpose in effectively disseminating knowledge and maximising its impact. CREST presents research findings in various formats, enabling information to be more accessible and applicable to diverse audiences. Presented below is an assortment of resource types generated by CREST, which you will encounter throughout the website. You can also download an A0 poster of the infographic in either JPEG or PDF format.

Full Report


A full technical report of the research undertaken, including an:

  • Executive Summary (one-pager). 
  • Overview with key findings and policy implications (three-pager). 


Primarily for three levels of civil servant: 

  • Senior generalist (Executive Summary)
  • Non-specialist (Overview)
  • Specialist (Full Report)


3-9 pages | 800-2500 words 

A focused and concise, illustrated resource, with practical application. Examples include:

  • A step-by-step guide to using a technique or tool.
  • A glossary of terms or imagery used within a group/sub-culture.
  • A summary of research that help support further understanding.
  • A list of risks and how to mitigate them.


For busy practitioners looking to improve working practice.

Article / CSR


2-4pages | 800-1500 words

A non-jargon, evidence-informed article on a specific topic with a practical focus. 

Some articles are published in CREST Security Review (CSR), our magazine which has a strong focus on what should happen or change as a result of this research.


For professionals seeking to keep abreast of the latest research and evidence on security threats, and how to counter and mitigate them. 

Policy Brief


1-3 pages | 500-1000 words 

A clear, short, list of policy recommendations or a concise answer to a specific question set by policymakers. 


For time-limited generalists and policymakers make informed decisions.

Thesis Summary


3-6 pages | 800-1500 words

A condensed summary of a doctoral thesis. Provides a succinct overview of research objectives, methodological approach, key findings and implications. Written in a style that is accessible.


For use in promoting the work of our doctoral students, given as handouts at roundtables/ events and passed on to suitably interested parties.



1 page 

A large visual spread depicting an area of research. For example: academic posters, mindmaps, infographics, and timelines. 

Academic posters in particular are a succinct representation of on-going or newly finished research, communicated through text, visual imagery, tables, and charts summarising the project and its conclusions. They are designed to capture the attention of people passing by and to deliver key messages.


Varies — academic posters are usually showcased at conferences and meetings to interested generalists, practitioners, or other academics. Other posters may be created with specific audiences in mind.



CREST resources that are designed for a specific set of requirements, which are not met by our other resources. Examples include:

  • Toolkits: workshop booklets that are used physically in print versions or interactively online. 
  • Animation: an animated video explainer.
  • Graphic Novel: an illustrative story depicting scenarios.


For wide-reaching or specific audiences depending on the requirement and necessity.

To access our comprehensive collection of resources categorised by their respective types, visit our Resource page. This dedicated page allows you to explore our resources conveniently based on their specific classifications.